We enjoy MadriOnetas in the Fernan Gomez Theatre until January 6.

The shows will be represented in the Guirau room, Jardiel Poncela and the exhibition room of the Fernan Gomez theatre.

The audience to which it is addressed is familiar but there are three assemblies that are aimed at a more adult audience:

El sillón: of Winged Cranes. A President newly elected, a dog and a fish. A reflection on power and feelings of people who wield it.
• Lover: of Andres Beladiez. A tender story about love and let love.
• De las Manos: La Tartana theatre. A psiquiattrico and two workers who watch the TV and a new patient. All a reflection of what supposed isolation, surveillance and control.
Look at the free exhibition, which shows the evolution of the titireteros in Spain from the 1950s to the present day. Francisco Peralta, Gonzalo Cañas, Pelmànec and Miguel Gallardo company… are some of the representatives that we can see in this exhibition, curated by Juan Muñoz.
Even the cafeteria of the theater will have a children’s menu for the occasion.