There  is an increasingly common concept called “integral family recreation”. Places are popping up everywhere that are designed for the entertainment not just for one member of the family but for everyone.

Just 20 minutes from the centre of Madrid, Vive Xanadúoffers the possibility to spend a day with the family where the fun is guaranteed for everyone.

The recently inaugurated Nickelodeon theme park is where the youngest members of the family can spend a fun time on the rides and attractions in the company of characters from their favourite shows. A 4D cinema, a racetrack where they can drive their own cars and learn the rules of the road, an area for babies and, of course, a cafeteria for the adults.


Atlantis Acuarium


A few metres away is the Atlantis Aquarium, a novel concept in aquariums where visitors can see thousands of species aquatic wildlife, including the sharks, playful penguins and Incredible sea turtles.  Containing over 2.3 million litres of water, Atlantis Aquarium represents a philosophy of learning and awareness about the need to care for our marine environment, rivers and seas. The multiple aquariums recreate different environments that are ideally suited for different species of fish and other wildlife. We can also enjoy any number of quizzes and multi-media games (don’t miss the Human-Whale translation booth) in which the whole family, young and old, will have fun testing their knowledge and learning something new.


Skiing, shopping and much more

These new activities are just an addition to the already ample offer of possibilities at Xanadú, best known for Its Indoor ski facility, perfect for getting a first taste of the sport, for perfecting your style if you’re an experienced skier or simply to get In some skiing when Madrid’s ski resorts are closed. Wind up the day with movie and dinner at their deluxecinemas or with any of the thousands of shopping or recreation possibilities in reach of your imagination