Once again, Arthemisia Spain surprised US with this exhibition on the Andalusian Patio of the Palacio de Gaviria. Six tiny worlds, a million Lego pieces (some exclusive and even signed) and a very complex assembly (all the “bricks” are assembled, not stuck) of the building game that boasts more than 100 million followers. A sample of which you can enjoy the family.

RomaBrick is the company responsible for playing the scenarios of the Castle inspired by the series game of thrones, a big city or the Forum of Augustus. But they are also some of the characters who most admire as the Beatles, Darth Vader or Superman.
And no, it is not child’s play, since architects, engineers, graphic designers, digital artists participate in the realization of these worlds in miniature…

Tickets: 5 and 7€
From December 10th  to February 24th
You can buy entries at the box office of the Palace and also here

Palacio de Gaviria
Arenal, 9 • Madrid 28013