With a name that already makes thinking about the philosophy of the company, in Madrid already have two signature Cooking stores (in Barcelona two others and one more in Palma de Mallorca). However in this post we won’t talk about a tent kitchen, but a concept that has really surprised us. And it is in Cooking by sliding low they wanted more give a twist to the concept of traditional cooking school and the result is really amazing.

Dinner with the chef

The main differ that we find in the concept of The Box is that it is not so much a place where learning how to cook specific dishes to finish testing everyone, but a meal in which the chef prepares everything with us (logically teaching us how to do them). The difference seems small, but the reality is that this new concept allows not only dishes that you want to, but it also lends itself to use as an excuse for a meal or dinner to have a good time with friends or even a business meeting. Now that fashion are the “Kick off” as a way to lighten the work meetings, spend some time cooking, learning, eating and starting from there playing (or not) the corporate issues that make is missing, it seems to us an idea when less than new.


Cocinando en cookingThe space that offers Cooking is simply spectacular. A cuisine of great dimensions, with plenty of space around the Central magnificent in the workplace, allowing none of the attendees is left without seeing and hearing the teacher (first-line chefs). During the “culinary experience” in The Box, will have a cooler full of drinks at our disposal. The philosophy of the company is to make us feel at home in a way that, when we were taking something, take it directly without consultation or ask anyone.

The best team

For those who don’t know, Cooking is (among other things) one of the best shops of cookware so the lessons of elite chefs, we should add that we will have the opportunity to make your recipes with the best quality tools of the market. They offer a discount at the store for customers of the courses.

Food and table

Sala de cookingAs we said at the beginning, The Box offer is not limited to witness the work of Chef/teacher and then try the dishes but that the idea is to eat comfortably on your space ready for this. A large room in which eat or pass the desktop with the intimacy that requires a business meeting and even a big screen if the occasion requires.

Conventional courses

In addition to all this, and how it could be otherwise, more akin to conventional cooking schools already organized courses offered in The Box. But with the idea of transforming a course in an experience, to consult its programming on its website.