On Sunday February 10th you can enjoy the concert of Alondra Bentley and listen to this artist, a worthy representative of the independent music Spanish.

Alondra Bentley is a singer born in Lancaster, raised in Murcia, Spanish father and English mother. His first solo album, Ashfield Avenue (2009), could be classified as pop folk and the title speaks of the street where his parents lived. Following collaborations, competitions (was a finalist in the competition for new talent Stereo Live!) tours and several more albums (Sings for Children, It´s Holidays, The Garden Room, Resolutions y Solar System), This artist part time (she´s Professor of English for children) has evolved into a more presence of synthesizers, more electronic music.

Alondra Bentley concert is one in family activities that prepare La Casa Encendida but there are many more. You can see the rest of the concerts on this page.

From 3 years
La Casa Encendida
Ronda Valencia, 2 • 28012 Madrid
91 506 21 80
Price: 3€